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We wish all our friends and lovers of the Smaragd-Cairns all over the world

Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year 2013

Thanks for sending Christmas-greetings to us.

CAC Show Paaren/Glien 08./09.12.2012

Ferrari Red-Jil vom Smaragd (9 months old)

08.12. Judges: Mr. Walter Jungblut/D - Exc.1, JgdCAC

09.12. Judges: Mr. Frederick Devitt/F - Exc.1, JgdCAC

Big Congratulations Heike.

18.11.12 Nationalshow Koszalin/PL

Judge: Adietiene Julija (LT)

Baby Doll-Wish vom Smaragd - Exc.1, CWC, BOB

Foto: Anna Namyslak

Congratulation Dorota.

CAC Show Rostock 30.09.2012

Judge: Harry Vella (Malta)

Diva-Yoyo vom Smaragd - Juniorclass - Exc.1, JgdCAC

best female 3

He did it again

CACIB Luxembourg 02.09.2012

Judge: Mrs. Pagani/I

Very Valentino-Jil vom Smaragd - Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, Champion Luxembourg

Big congrats to Monika & Ninja. Thanks to Ninja for showing our lovely boy.

Clubwinner 2012

Very Valentino-Jil vom Smaragd

Clubshow Bensheim 26.08.2012

Judge: Mrs. E. Heidecker/A

Valentino Exc.1, CAC, Clubwinner, BOB

Congratulations to Monika Knöpfli. We are very proud of you.


National Dogshow Gorzow Wlkp./PL

Judge: Mrs. M. Kozlowska/PL

Diva-Yoyo vom Smaragd - Juniorclass Exc.1, JCWC - Polish Juniorchampion

Thanks to Sarah for handling.


International Show Szczecin/PL 23.06.12

Judge: Dianne Barclay(AUS)

Diva-Yoyo vom Smaragd - Juniorclass - Exc. 1, JCWC, BOB

Terrierspezial Show Lubieszyn/PL 24.06.12

Judge: Goran Gladic(SRB)

Diva-Yoyo vom Smaragd - Juniorclass - Exc. 1, JCWC

Yoyo-Jil vom Smaragd - Championclass - Exc. 1, CWC, Polish Champion

Clubshow/CH 23.06.

Judge: Falk Sievert

Very Valentino-Jil vom Smaragd - Championclass Exc.1, CAC, BOB, BIS2, Clubwinner CH

Big Congrats to Moni & Ninja

20. week

This week we must say good bye to the lovely boy "Stig". Thanks so mutch Elisabeth & Magnus, that he was for some times in our life. He is great. In this time we have won title:

Champion Poland, Champion Germany/VDH, Champion Germany/KfT and finished the International Champion

He felt visibly well with us.

CACIB-Show St. Gallen/CH 13.05.

Judges: Mr. I. Csik

Very Valentino vom Smaragd - V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Congratulation Monika

nice weekend in Kröpelin/D 28./29.04.

Our old lady "Fea", 10 years old and stay with my girlfriend Renate won on both days Vet-CAC and BIS Veteran,

Fea is now KfT-Veteranchampion


Judge: S. Sinko/SLO

Yoyo-Jil vom Smaragd - openclass - Exc.1, VDH,C AC, BOB, Champion D/KfT

second place OG Ostseeland


Judge: S. Delmar/IRL

Yoyo-Jil vom Smaragd - openclass - Exc.1, VDH

International Dogshow Dresden/D 22.04.

Judge: B.Rajic/SLO

Hjohoo's Hjo Are My Gold Nugget - championclass - Exc.1, VDH, Res.CAC,Res.CACIB, Champion D/VDH, Champion D/KfT

Yoyo-Jil vom Smaragd - open class - Exc.1, VDH , Champion D/VDH

Happy Easter to all of you


CACIB Show Offenburg/D

Very Valentino-Jil vom Smaragd - open class - Exc.1, CAC, VDH, CACIB, BOB, 2. Best of Group

Congratulation Monika & Ninja. Thanks so mutch.


CACIB Show München/D

Very Valentino-Jil vom Smaragd - open class - Exc.1, CAC, VDH, BOB, Best of Group

Big Congratulation to Ninja for showing and Monika


International Show Glogow /PL

Judges: Mr. G. Cox/IRL

Hjohoo's Hjo Are My Gold Nugget - Exc. 1, CWC, Res. CACIB Polish Champion

Yoyo-Jil vom Smaragd - Exc. 1, CWC, CACIB

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