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So sad, our lovely Popcorn is going over the rainbowbridge. We miss him so mutch. He will be in our hearts.

Now you are a little angel, fly good my little friend.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our friends and the owner of our Emeralds


CAC- Show Paaren/Glien (D)


Gianni-Yoyo vom Smaragd

Judge: Mr. Di Boris Spoljaris (CRO)

Juniorclass: Exc.1, JCAC, BOB


Judge: Mr. Dr. Milivo Urosevic (SER)

Juniorclass: Exc.1, JCAC - KFT-Juniorchampion

Bundessieger 2013

Very Valentino-Jil vom Smaragd

CACIB-Show (Bundessiegerzuchtschau) Dortmund 13.10.

Judge: Mr. Falk Sievert

Owner: Monika Knöpfli/CH

Big congratulation Moni

08.09. CACIB Show Rostock/D

Gianni-Yoyo vom Smaragd

Judge: Ross Delmar/IRL

Juniorclass Exc.1, JCAC

01.09. CAC-Show Hamburg/D

Judge: Mr. W. Jungblut

Hjohoo's Hjo Are The Loving Kind (Lisa)

Juniorclass Ex.1, JCAC, BOB

24./25.08. CACIB Show-weekend in Leipzig/D

first show in Juniorclass in age of 9 month for

Gianni-Yoyo vom Smaragd Exc.2 - judge Mrs. I. Frerksen/D

2. day Exc.3 - judge Mrs. M. Möller-Sieber/D

Special thanks to Micha for super handling

20.07./21.07. Show-weekend in Mittenwalde

Judge: Mr. Lokodi Csaba Zolt & Mr. Paroci Pal/SRB

both days BOB

on second day best short leg Terrier 2

Zara-Fea vom Smaragd

Foto: Ch.Wenzel

Championclass - Exc.1, VDH, CAC - Champion D/KfT

Zaras son "Jim Beam of Black Rocky" both days Junior CAC and now Juniorchampion/KfT, on second day BIS Junior3

Big Congrats to Jacky & Steffen, the dogs looks great

Zara VDH-Europainwinner 2013

11.05. International Dogshow Dortmund

Judge: Niksa Lemo/HR

Zara-Fea vom Smaragd

Openclass - Exc1, CAC, VDH, CACIB, VDH-Europainwinner

Congratulation Jaqueline & Steffen

Very Valentino-Jil vom Smaragd

Championclass - Exc1, VDH, Res.CAC, Res.CACIB

also to Ninja big congrats for this great result

04.05. CAC Show Kröpelin/D

Judges: Mr. Michael Leonard/IRL

Hjohoo's Hjo Are The Loving Kind - Lisa

Juniorclass Exc.1, JuniorCAC

Welcome Lisa

Happy Easter to all our friends

Ups... all is sleeping in wintertime

please wake up when spring is coming

my Cairns