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Show Paaren/Glien 19./20.11.2016

19.11. Judge Mr. Falk Sievert(D)

Gianni-Yoyo vom Smaragd - Championclass - Exc1, CAC, VDH, BOB

JuJu-Hjo vom Smaragd - Intermed.class - Exc 1, VDH

20.11. Judge Mr. Zvi Kupferberg (ISR)

JuJu-Hjo vom Smaragd - Intermed.class - Ex1, VDH

Gianni-Yoyo vom Smaragd - Championclass Exc 2, Res.VDH, ResCAC

02./03.07.2016 CAC-Show Paaren Glien/D

JuJu-Hjo vom Smaragd


Judge Mrs. Agniezka Nowak-Patyniak/PL

Juniorclass Exc.1, JCAC


Judge Mr. Jens Ruck/A

Juniorclass Exc.1, JCAC, BOB

and now KfT-Juniorchampion

International show Erfurt/D , 19.06.2016

JuJu-Hjo vom Smaragd

Judge: Mrs. P. Friedl/D

Juniorclass - Exc.1, JCAC, BOS, Landesjugendsiegerin Thüringen

30 years Cairn Terrier "vom Smaragd"

show-weekend 30.04. /01.05.2016 in Kröpelin /D

first show for

JuJu-Hjo vom Smaragd

(Ch. Trumpington's Wassil - Hjohoo's Hjo Are The Loving Kind)

30.04. - Judge Mr. M. Papadatos (GR) - Juniorclass Exc.2, Res.JgdCAC

01.05. - Judge Mrs.. Reinelt-Gebauer (D) - Juniorclass Exc.1, JgdCAC, BOB

I'm so very proud of our young girl


Now we know for sure! Lisa & Duke will have puppies in the first week of June. It will be the last litter of Lisa. When you have interest, please feel free for contact.

We expect puppies in June 2016

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