Welcome by the Cairn's
"vom Smaragd"
established in 1986 - member in the Klub für Terrier e.V./VDH

my Cairns
Cheerfully and uncomplicated, robustly and children loving,
from exceptional charm, they accompany us through fat and thin.
We have Cairns from joy at this funny skilled worker. To hand over fostered puppies in the family at lovers of this race lovingly at times.
Since 1982, we possess Cairn terriers and have since then much joy at the nature, temper and beauty of this race. We would like to like to give you a small insight over the joy, that makes ready us our rattle-gang daily again, through our Homepage. Our Cairns live with us in house and garden together. For this reason, on average 6 Cairns romp about us. Normally, we have 2 litter in the year, that we come up with much love, approximately. The puppies are accustomed to everyday-sounds and children. We take the trouble to breed healthy and friendly Cairns so that they make ready much joy in the everyday life and one can say anytime:

Once a Cairn, always a Cairn,

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